The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019: Creating Healthy Lives—The Future of Medical Innovation

The GII is a source of insight into the multidimensional facets of innovation-driven growth. Providing 80 detailed metrics for 129 economies in 2019, the GII has become one of the leading references for measuring an economy’s innovation performance. Moving into its 12th edition this year, the GII has evolved into a valuable benchmarking tool that can facilitate public-private dialogue and where policy-makers, business leaders, and other stakeholders can evaluate innovation progress on an annual basis.

Each year the GII presents a thematic component that tracks global innovation. In this year’s edition, it analyzes the medical innovation landscape of the next decade, looking at how technological and non-technological medical innovation will transform the delivery of healthcare worldwide. It also explores the role and dynamics of medical innovation as it shapes the future of healthcare, and the potential influence this may have on economic growth.

Download the Key Findings to learn about the seven main messages of the Global Innovation Index 2019.


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