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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Circle is a research center in innovation studies at Lund University. Created in 2004, is currently the second largest research center on innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. It employs around 55 researchers full and part-time, including some of the most world-known scholars in innovation studies like Charles Edquist, Bjorn Asheim, Bo Carlsson, Jan Fagerberg, Susana Borrás and Ron Boschma (Director). Circle is organized around five research platforms: Innovation systems and policy; Sustainable transitions; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Innovation skills, strategies and industrial renewal and Globalization of Innovation.

Research in the Globalization of Innovation area at CIRCLE focuses on the global dimension of innovation processes. The aim is to conceptualize global innovation networks (GINs) and to understand the extent of the global distribution of innovation activities and its impact in the developed and developing world through systematic comparative analysis of different industries and regions across the globe. The overall driving question in this research platform is what are the extent and scope of the changes in the geography of innovation worldwide, the determinants and their impact at a global scale?

Of particular interest in this platform is the interplay between micro (firm) and meso (region) characteristics and different forms of global innovation networks including global research collaboration, global sourcing of knowledge and offshoring of R&D and innovation, as well as their impact on the regions in terms of innovation, wellbeing and growth. This is done through the systematic comparative analysis of firms and regions across the globe. The platform is building a large data base -the GlobInn data set- containing firm-level information on innovation and internationalization strategies across the globe which enables the study of for example, innovation capabilities of firms in the regions of India, China or Sweden in specific industries, and the way that they participate in global innovation networks. Theoretically, we draw on international business, economic geography and innovation studies among others.Currently we have a portfolio of projects funded by different organizations such as the European Commission 7th Framework program, the Swedish research council or the Rijkbanken Jubileum Fund, among others. The platform has strong partnerships with researchers in Europe, Latin America, China, India and South Africa. More information on the platform activities can be found at The platform is coordinated by Prof. Cristina Chaminade - Other researchers working in this platform are Prof. Davide Castellani, Prof. Elisa Giuliani, Prof. Susana Borrás, Associate Prof. Martin Srholec, Associate Prof. Torben Schubert, Associate Prof. Pierre-Alex Balland as well as several post-docs and PhDs.

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Cristina Chaminade
Professor in Innovation Studies
Coordinator of the research area on Globalization of Innovation
Lund University


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