Workshop on National Systems of Innovation

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


On 13 and 14 October 2014, the UN Technology utive Committee (TEC) held a workshop on Strengthening national systems of innovation in developing countries, covering the entire technology cycle for climate technology, held in Bonn, Germany.

As part of the workshop, Australia’s NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer and Global Innovation Index Advisory Board Member, Professor Mary O’Kane, delivered her presentation titled Taking stock of national systems of innovation in developing and developed countries and economies in transition.

The presentation focused on what innovation systems require to succeed, how national innovation capacity can be assessed utilising indices such as the GII, and the relevance of innovation to combatting climate change. Professor O’Kane detailed how the GII can be used as a ‘tool for action’ for decision makers with the goal of improving countries’ innovation performance, and provided examples of innovation learners from some developed and developing countries.

The slides of Professor O’Kane’s presentation can be viewed here.

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Professor Mary O’Kane
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, Australia


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