Global Innovation Index –The Shifting Global Innovation Landscape and the Czech Republic at the Czech Industrial Property Office’s 100th Anniversary

Thursday, September 19, 2019

PRAGUE, 19 September 2019 – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director General Francis Gurry was warmly welcomed in Prague last 19 September 2019 during an international conference on the “Protection of Industrial Property Rights in Europe” organized by the Intellectual Property Office of the Czech Republic for the 100th-year anniversary of the Patent Office in Prague.

Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlícek expressed his congratulations and support for WIPO’s achievements for its Global Innovation Index (GII), particularly with respect to the timely release of the “Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019-2030” last February 2019. Prepared by the RD&I Council, headed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, the strategy sets out new priorities to put the Czech Republic among the most innovative countries in Europe by 2030. In this regard, the importance of education at all levels starting at primary schools was emphasized, as well as WIPO’s essential complementary role in providing highly valuable information for the strategy through the GII.

The event welcomed experts and stakeholders interested in the support of technical creativity, development, research and innovation in Europe. One of the main sessions was a presentation on the 2019 “Global Innovation Index – the Shifting Global Innovation Landscape”, given by Dr. Sacha Wunsch- Vincent, GII Co-Editor and Head of the Composite Indicator Research Section of WIPO.

Within the GII rankings, the Czech Republic moved up one position globally from 2018 to be the 26th ranked economy in the GII. It is also ranked second among Eastern European Countries (EEC) and 13th in the EU-28. Based on GII sub-components, it is ranked 21st for Innovation Outputs, making it highly efficient in translating its Innovation Investments into Outputs. Overall, the country is already the innovation leader within the Central and Eastern European region, ranking 2nd in both the GII and in the Quality of Innovation. In parallel, it is also ranked 1st in the world for high-tech and creative goods net exports, and performs exceptionally well in terms of ISO 9001 quality certificates (3rd), high and medium-high-tech manufactures (5th), and utility models (6th).

The programme also included panel sessions on IP Rights Protection in the Czech Republic – Today’s Challenges and IP Education and Awareness Raising, and presentations on the EUIPO’s Strategic Plan 2025 and the Strategic Plan of the European Patent Office 2019-2023. Finally, the event was capped by a gala evening celebrating the centennial event at the Prague Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle.

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