Georgia New Techno And Innova Pole In Eurasian Region

Monday, May 11, 2015


“Knowledge and innovation based economy development”

“Georgia – Country of Innovations and Initiatives”

Innovation is at the basis of economic development and as such, it is instrumental for developing countries. In our era, the “knowledge society” is no doubt that innovation is one of the instrumental drivers for economic growth. Still, not every country realizes its relevance and the impact, and that the impact can be on multiple dimensions, from income growth and job creation to poverty reduction, and more generally on improving human well-being.

Georgia is one of the innovation successor countries, who has prioritized field development, understanding the important commitment for welfare. This is reflected in the efforts by the Georgian government that encourage the accumulation, diffusion and commercial use of new products, processes and services by enterprises.

As part of Georgia’s commitment to development, the first innovation and technology agency was created under the Ministry of Economy. Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency was designed to coordinate and mediate innovation and technology development within the country. Its main goals are to: provide legal framework for innovation, support knowledge and innovation commercialization process, provide access to finance by grants programs and create infrastructure for innovation.

Infrastructure for Innovation

Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency has overseen the construction of new infrastructure for the creation of new technologies (e.g. technopark, ilabs, fablabs, innovation centers within universities), fostering the interaction between “academia and industry”.

Raising public awareness

Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency has raised public awareness regarding innovation and the value of the creation of the human intellect, (e.g. Make-a-thon, hack-a-thon, game jams, innovation week, start-up challenge), creating a change of mindset, crucial in the synergy of all societies in the production of innovation.

In less than one year the innovation ecosystem in Georgia has changed completely. Becoming a new ‘techno’ and ‘innova’ pole in the Eurasian region, the role of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency and the support of the government to new investment and new investors has led Georgia to surpass other countries in its region in innovation. The creation of an innovative ecosystem in the country is imperative – the innovation process is not only a matter of performing but also that of conviction and determination. The results of this transformation are not only new products or processes but also new innovation fundamentals in a globalized world.

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Irakli Kashibadze
Chairman of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA)


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